How Polygon DAO Can Outmaneuver Other Chains With Their veDYST From Dystopia


  1. 11% of the initial veDYST supply was given to the PolygonDAO which would serve as a guardian to Dystopia and ensure that the best performing pairs are always voted for
  2. 4% of the supply was given to genesis liquidity stablecoin providers
  3. 5% of the remaining token supply was equally distributed to 26 dAPPs that qualified for Polygon Liquidity Mining 2.0, excluding dexes.

PolygonDAO’s Dystopia NFTs

Phase 1 — Decentralised Community Moderation

Phase 2 — Grants to Incubate New Polygon Native DeFi Projects

Phase 2.A. — Grants Phase 1

Capital Efficiency

Phase 2.B.



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